Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade is Coming to PC in Fall 2021, G-Darius HD in Winter

Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade is Coming to PC

Publisher Taito and developer M2 have announced Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade is coming to PC, with G-Darius HD coming to PC soon after.

While Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade is coming to PC in fall 2021 via Steam, G-Darius HD is coming sometime in winter 2021 – news confirmed at Tokyo Game Show 2021.

It’s worth mentioning both the Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade and G-Darius HD are available for Switch and PlayStation 4.

Here’s a rundown on Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade:

Darius is one of the pioneers of arcade side-scrolling shoot ’em up games, first released in 1986 in a custom, 3 screen cabinet featuring in-seat bass speakers to deliver the impact of the game direct to the player! The aquatically themed, giant robotic fish bosses and Zuntata-composed soundscapes captured the hearts and minds of arcade goes everywhere, and now Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade brings 4 of those titles (total 7 versions) from the Darius arcade series, each with added features, some exclusive to Steam!


  • Multi-monitor support (Steam only!)
    Use 2 or 3 monitors for that authentic arcade experience!
  • Body sonic in the home (Steam only!)
    Replicate the arcade’s seat speaker output using a sub-woofer!
  • Quick Save & Load
    Save at any point during the game, then come back later to practice!
  • Display features, Options & Gadgets galore
    Scale, smooth and add scanlines, adjust difficulty, number of lives and add information-displaying gadgets to customise your view!
  • Training Mode
    Set your powerup levels and choose which zone to practice!

Games in the Collection

    • Darius (Arcade, old version, 1986) – Announced in 1986 and released to arcades in 1987. The revolutionary 3-screen cabinet, in-seat bass speakers and iconic cast of colourful, aquatic-lifeform-themed boss characters, together with the now legendary soundtrack established its place in game fan’s hearts. Other features carried over included the branching stage maps and power up system.
    • Darius (Arcade, new version, 1987) – A difficulty-balanced version of the previous release making boss battle easier the more powerups you have.
    • Darius (Arcade, extra version, 1987) – Further difficulty balances along with all new enemy placement makes for an easier game which gets much more difficult at the end.
    • Darius II (Arcade, Dual Screen version, 1989) A dual screen sequel to 1987’s original game, with new bosses, new weaponry, the ability to switch directions during boss battles and… TUNA SASIMI!
    • SAGAIA (Arcade, ver.1, 1989) – Darius II was redesigned for the international market with shorter stages and less bosses with less health, but higher overall difficulty to balance the changes out. As a result, some routes and bosses were removed completely.
    • SAGAIA (Arcade, ver.2, 1989) – Conceptually the same as version 1, but with various changes, this second version is shrouded in mystery and it’s unknown whether it was ever available to play at the time.
  • Darius Gaiden
    • Darius Gaiden (Arcade, 1994)The first Darius game available on a single screen, this allowed it to be installed in more arcades than its predecessors. Spectacular visuals with semi-transparent effects, parallax scrolling and breath-taking boss entrance scenes, the visuals are only surpassed by the difficulty! New to the series is the ability to capture and use mid-bosses, as well as the black hole bomb!
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