Kenji Eno’s D was Re-Released on GOG


D was Re-Released on GOG

Nightdive Studios announced Kenji Eno’s atmospheric classic psychological horror game D was re-released on GOG for PC, Linux, and Mac.

D was re-released on GOG and has a price point set at $5.99.

The game was first released for the 3DO back in 1995, only to later be ported to the Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and MS-DOS. It’s the first game within Eno’s D series, and makes use of CGI full-motion video.

Here’s a refresher on the game, via GOG:

1997, Los Angeles. A mass murder has taken place in a hospital. The criminal is the director of the hospital, Richter Harris. He is one of America’s best-known doctors, a quiet and studious man. Suddenly transformed into a mass murderer, Richter has seized a large number of hostages and barricaded himself in the hospital where the police cannot reach him. His daughter Laura hears the news and immediately drives to Los Angeles to find out what it is that made his father a murderer. Reaching the scene of the tragedy she prepares to enter the hospital…

A macabre journey into the unknown, D leads players through a compelling horror story filled with seemingly indecipherable clues and grim surprises. As Laura, players enter into a terrifying world, where through a series of adventures and complex problem solving, they must discover the truth behind Dr. Richter Harris’ mysterious murderous rampage before time runs out.


  • A heavily atmospheric horror game created by Kenji Eno
  • Multiple endings depending on your actions
  • Play against the clock – you have just two hours to solve the mystery
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