Cyberpunk roguelite deckbuilder Zero Division gets release date

Zero Division

Publisher Astrolabe Games and developer Robot Cat Games have announced the launch date for their upcoming cyberpunk themed deckbuilder card game Zero Division.

Zero Division is set to launch for Windows PC on July 12th via Steam early access, followed by a full release on PC and unannounced consoles sometime later.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Welcome to Zerzura

During the Last War, the thriving metropolis Zerzura was almost obliterated in a war between AGIs (Artificial General Intelligence). As Zerzura City is known to host the mausoleum of the last functional AGI, an Exclusion Zone has been established around the ruins of the city by the mega-corporations – ostensibly to safeguard the public against rampaging AGI-forged anomalies, but also to ensure the corporations have the first pick of precious salvage.

Assemble Your Crew

Assemble your crew of 3 from 9 steadfast operators, split into 3 core archetypes: Guardian, Assault, and Specialist. Choose to field a classic party with one of each archetype, or mix things up with unconventional compositions. Any combination is viable, provided you have the skill to guide them through the trials of Zerzura City. There is no true protagonist in this game: with the right cards and augmentations, any operator can have their turn to shine.

Fight With CCG-Style Decks

Each operator comes with their own deck containing at least 8 signature cards and at least 12 free slots. These resistance fighters are all armed to the teeth: each customisable deck must contain at least 20 cards; and any exposed weaknesses means certain death. To succeed, exploit the synergies between your decks and devise inspired new tactics to defeat your foes.

MMO-Inspired Bosses

Engage in combat against multi-phase boss encounters inspired by MMO raid bosses, each with their own exhilarating mechanics and unique abilities. Take on the Siegebreaker, a colossal mech war machine; spill the blood of the Mithraean Bull, a terrible experiment gone awry; or defend a rooftop against a gunship blazing with weapons.

Campaign Mode

Make your way through 3 out of 6+ shattered districts before reaching the culmination of your journey in Wargentin District, the dark heart of the Zerzura Exclusion Zone.

Draft Mode

Inspired by drafting formats in CCGs, draft mode starts you off with a veritable arsenal of data shards. Unseal your shards, draft the cards within to create your decks, and then take those decks into battle against an unforgiving gauntlet of randomized, escalating boss encounters. How far can you get before you succumb to the most dangerous enemies in Zerzura?


Earn Mnemosynth through your runs, and use these synthetic memories to permanently imprint cards into your collection through the Failsafe system. The added cards can be carried over to the next run, greatly enhancing your deck’s power.

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