Cyberpunk noir game Let Bions Be Bygones launches this month

Let Bions Be Bygones

Publisher MicroProse Software and developer Bohemian Pulp have announced Let Bions Be Bygones is launching this month.

Let Bions Be Bygones is launching on April 30th for Windows PC (via Steam). A playable demo is available now on the game’s Steam page.

Here’s a rundown on the game, here’s a new trailer:

“Welcome to the planet Terrahive. A planet that never should have existed. Completely encrusted in a disease called humanity. Corporate arcologies and space elevators shadow the layers of polluted man-made edifices. Overseen by ancient brains on apparatuses driven by greed, corruption, progress, and immortality.” – John Cooper

Create your unique story

  • Grow your character through choice-driven mechanics.
  • Make, break, and influence relationships.
  • No wrong choices, only consequences.
  • Unravel the grand finale of the intriguing cyber-noir story with multiple and drastically different endings.

Make choices from three personalities and build your skillset.

Whether you’ll:

  • Choose a logical, scientific approach,
  • Recklessly swing it with your gun as a partner,
  • or Empathically connect with the people,

you will shape your detective, and the world will react based on the persona you build.

A narrative Point & Click

  • A new take on the classic genre.
  • Focus on the story, narrative, and detective work.
  • Let us do the heavy lifting of making it worth your while with various, often harsh, consequences and numerous approaches to solutions.

Fully narrated + Original soundtrack

A professional voice-over with many talented actors and a unique soundtrack will plunge you deep into Terrahive’s gritty world.

Relax and enjoy the story

No time limits and no timed choices. You can take as long as you need to.


  • 18+ unique locations to explore
  • 40+ characters to meet
  • 100+ tasks and clues to collect
  • 5+ hours in a single gameplay that will make you want to play again and again
  • 20+ hidden and challenging Steam achievements
  • 1000+ choices
  • 5+ different endings with endless variations in between
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