Cyberpunk Cult RTS Re-Legion Launches January 31

Ice Code Games and 1C Entertainment have announced the release date for Re-Legion.

Their cyberpunk RTS will be releasing on January 31st for Windows PC via Steam. You can watch the launch trailer above.

The game is set in a neon-lit metropolis in a dystopian cyberpunk future. You play as Elion, a prophet trying to lead an uprising and bring about a new techno-theocratic regime. The cult-based narrative extends to gameplay, where instead of training troops from a barracks like in a traditional RTS, you’ll be converting civilians to your cause.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

In Re-Legion, players Follow Elion’s journey from a lone prophet to the most powerful advocate of religion in the city. Introducing a new alternative to the usual economic and resource management used in RTS games, Re-Legion allows players to convert ordinary non-believing citizens into their units – the followers. Initiated cultists then expand the cult’s possibilities by obtaining cyber-coins to enable upgrades, by praying they increase faith to gain and use special abilities, they hack buildings and ad-boards to expand and control territories, they convert other citizens or fight enemy units and non-believers.

The overall direction of the one’s cult is defined by the dogmas chosen for it. From a peaceful religion to one that despises non-believers, each one of dozens of dogmas defines the way in which the cult will pursue its goals. But whichever way you decide to choose, your followers will all work together to build a strong and powerful cult…

Key Features

  • Unique RTS mechanic of acquiring new units by converting citizens
  • Vivid futuristic cyberpunk visuals, yet dark atmosphere
  • Mature story with profound background and moral choices to be made
  • Special territory control mechanics with the use of hacking
  • Build your own cult using an original Dogmas system that ensures high replayability
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