Cygames parent company CyberAgent to acquire NITRO PLUS


Cygames parent company CyberAgent is expanding further into game development by acquiring Japanese developer NITRO PLUS, primarily known for their visual novels.

CyberAgent is expected to close the acquisition of NITRO PLUS on July 1st, acquiring their remaining stock for 16,704,000 million yen, or roughly $103,432. The current NITRO PLUS president will remain in his position.

The new deal will make NITRO PLUS a consolidated subsidiary of CyberAgent, where their new owner will support their ongoing efforts to strengthen its IP, create exciting content, and expand its business.

Here’s a rundown on the new acquisition:

Purpose of the acquisition

Nitroplus is engaged in content production in a wide range of genres, including games, animation, novels, and illustrations, most notably Touken Ranbu. In recent years, the business around intellectual property (IP), which focuses on media mix strategies, has become a growing market in Japan and the rest of the world. CyberAgent is also actively strengthening its ABEMA-centered business by making BABEL LABEL, a content studio with upand-coming creators including Michihito Fujii, a consolidated subsidiary in December 2021, and stage production company Nelke Planning, a leader in anime musicals, a consolidated subsidiary in June 2023. This acquisition is based on our decision that the aim of Nitroplus which seeks to global expansion in the IP-related business has high compatibility with CyberAgent, which develops a wide range of entertainment business in the internet domain and aims to succeed globally through the fusion of technology and creativity.

Plans for the company

The name and organization of Nitroplus will remain the same, and the current president and producer of Touken Ranbu, Takashi Kosaka, (Takaki Kosaka) will continue to serve as president. CyberAgent will continue to support Nitroplus in its efforts to strengthen its IP-related business, create exciting content, and further expand its business.

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