Cutesy roguelike Play Pretend releases demo

Play Pretend

Casual roguelike Play Pretend just released its Steam Next Fest demo early.

Play Pretend has no release date yet, and will be available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam). The game’s demo can be found on Steam right now.

You can view the announcement below:

Delve into the imaginations of your friends on the school playground in this super friendly Roguelite. Collect and combine ideas to enhance your abilities and create wacky and powerful combos. Befriend your classmates, playing as them or against them, and take a trip back to your childhood in the upcoming Steam Next Fest with Play Pretend.

Play Pretend aims to put a casual-friendly spin on Roguelikes, whilst maintaining the challenge that many have come to love from the genre. The accessible mechanics are easy to learn for beginners, but more experienced players will find the potential for deep synergy with the games’ various upgrade mechanics. The lighthearted theme is also a shift from genre conventions – creating an experience more comfortable for players who want a more relaxed atmosphere.

As you progress through your friend’s worlds, you’ll collect ‘Ideas’ — tetris-style blocks to slot into your character’s own personalised grid. When ‘Ideas’ border each other, special upgrades will appear. You’ll be granted new bonus powers, such as a basketball for bouncing some extra damage around the play area.

The game plays like a traditional roguelite where you’ll embark on semi-randomised ‘runs’ that take you through various imaginary worlds. Enemies, Events, Bosses and Unique Powers are rife as you battle through your friends’ wildest imaginations. The expanses of Jess’s Wild West, Gracie’s Kingdom, and Ollie’s Pirate Moonbase await.

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