Sci-fi parkour action game CTRL-U announced


Florence Italy based studio Stone Shelter has announced CTRL-U, a new science-fiction parkour action game with some FPS elements.

CTRL-U is in development for Windows PC (via Steam), though a release date wasn’t announced.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

CTRL-U is a science fiction parkour adventure with FPS elements, set in a huge industrial plant.

You are Kyle (KY-13 Auxiliary Unit), a highly advanced android whose agility allows him to quickly reach any area of the factory. To solve a variety of unforeseen problems, your right arm is equipped with a modular structure that allows you to mount a variety of tools. Or weapons, for the most complex problems.


  • PARKOUR – Use the agility of the new KY-13 Experimental Auxiliary Unit to quickly traverse the environments (and battlefields) of Factory 42. You will be able to perform jumps, wallruns, dangerous crossings over narrow beams, and deal with a variety of dizzying situations.
  • RUN, SHOOT AND KEEP RUNNING – Throughout the adventure you will rely on an ever-growing arsenal of tools and weapons to solve problems and eliminate those who stand between you and your goal. But be careful not to stop; your battery recharges quickly only if you keep running. The more you run, the more you shoot.
  • HAND-PAINTED GRAPHICS – CTRL-U’s graphics department relies on artistic rendering featuring a mixture of realistic lighting and hand-painted materials to create a recognizable and distinctive visual impact.
  • SOLVE THE MALFUNCTION OF FACTORY 42 – KY-13 was created to solve problems. But what happens if the malfunction is extended to an entire factory? Follow Kyle on his mission, discover the secrets of Factory 42, and confront changes that will cause a simple worker android to evolve and gain the ability to face deep moral dilemmas.


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