Cthulhu Mythos ADV: Lunatic Whispers English release out now

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Previously it was announced that the Lovecraftian RPG, Cthulhu Mythos ADV: Lunatic Whispers is getting an English translation for its western launch.

As part of the RPG Maker Festival 2023, the localization is now officially available, developer Gotcha Gotcha Games announced.

Also as part of the festival, the game is on a 10% discount to celebrate both that and the English release. Cthulhu Mythos ADV: Lunatic Whispers is available on PC (via Steam).

Here’s a rundown of the game curtesy of their Steam store page:

Cthulhu Mythos ADV: Lunatic Whispers

You find yourself in an odd abandoned hospital, with memories clouded. Strange voices echo through your mind…

In this place where unsettling things happen, you must maintain your sanity while uncovering the truth.

The only things you can rely on are “Ability” and “Luck”. You also might need some “helping hand”, occasionally… Will you and your friends be able to escape the cycle?

Game Features

  • Randomized Player Stats – Your stats are randomized and customized at the start of a game, making each playthrough unique!
  • Exploration – To escape, gather items and information.
  • Choice – A dice roll determines the success or failure of your choices at critical moments. The success rate is determined by the stats of you and your companions.
  • Insane Behavior – When luck is not on your side, you may be affected by the power of madness and behave abnormally.
  • Multiple Endings – The ending will be affected by your choices. There are seven different endings.
  • The Truth – Throughout the main story, keeping your sanity level at a certain level will allow access to hidden information.


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