Crytek and Star Citizen Developer Cloud Imperium Games Settle Lawsuit

Crytek Cloud Imperium Games

Crytek has settled their lawsuit against Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), and Roberts Space Industries, the developers behind in-development MMO Star Citizen.

For those unfamiliar, Crytek issued a lawsuit against CIG and Roberts Space Industries in 2017. Crytek alleged that CIG has infringed on their copyrights, by using CryEngine to develop non-Star Citizen game assets.

This included using the Cry-Engine for Squadron 42, along with claims that the game was set in the same universe as Star Citizen. PC Gamer reports that CIG claimed that Squadron 42 was not a separate game, as it was accessed by the Star Citizen client. CIG also claimed it later switched from the Cry-Engine to Lumberyard (an engine by Amazon).

However, Crytek doubted the switch ever occurred, claiming CIG was “was forced to confirm during this litigation that no such switch had taken place.”

At the time Crytek asked for damages of $75,000, along with “indirect damages, consequential damages (including lost profits), special damages, costs, fees, and expenses incurred by reason of Defendants’ breach of contract and copyright infringement,” an undisclosed portion of the profits,  punitive damages, and a permanent injunction against CIG from using the CryEngine.

The case boiled down to whether Squadron 42 would be its own game. Crytek even attempted to dismiss their own lawsuit on January 6th, 2020, to be refiled when (or if) the game released.

Now, fans on Reddit have discovered what seems to be a settlement. The documentation from Court Listener [1, 2, 3] note that in the state of California “Plaintiff CRYTEK GMBH and Defendants CLOUD IMPERIUM GAMES CORP. and ROBERTS SPACE INDUSTRIES CORP.,by and through their counsel of record, hereby notify the Court that they have reached an agreement in principle of terms to settle this action in its entirety and are working to document the terms of their agreement.”

Both parties are now filing for “a joint stipulation of dismissal.” While this seems to be the end of it, both parties have until March 23rd to file “a stipulation and proposed order for dismissal of the action or judgment,” or “motion to reopen if settlement has not been consummated.”

We will keep you informed as we learn more details.

Image: PX Here, Crytek official website, Twitter

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