CryEngine V Announced, Available in Pay What You Want Pricing

Crytek had a lot to put forward today at their media briefing for GDC 2016.

To begin with, they announced CryEngine V. The company’s support of VR can be seen clearly in the new engine, with many features that will be designed specifically to work with VR. These include features like Direct X 12 compatibility, new particles systems, and built in support for Oculus, PSVR, and more. The engine is now available via its official website (the site will update soon).

Featured above, the company shared a sizzle reel of games powered by CryEngine.

However, the bigger part of the CryEngine V announcement was the new ‘Pay What You Want’ price model, allowing users to pay what they can afford for the software. Crytek is pushing forward with the notion that they wish to help indie development and artistic vision, not hinder it. Therefore, if indie developers can’t afford to pay, they won’t have to.

Crytek assured lasting support to all CryEngine users and promised that they are committed to rolling out the latest and greatest features to all of their user-base. Alongside that, they promised to try to make the CryEngine more intuitive with greater documentation going forward, which will help make the system easier to pick up and learn. Of course, the added intuitiveness will be sure to help users be more productive across the board, too.

To help even more, Crytek is launching a Marketplace, similar in use to the Asset Store that is built into Unity. The ability to quick grab different assets for use in the engine will certainly make things faster and easier for users. And the availability will cover both aural and visual assets, too.

Crytek has also discussed the coming of VR, explaining that they will be working closely with new partners and other groups to help push into the coming age of virtual reality.



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