Crowdfunding Campaign for “Mistborn” Metal Dice Now Live

Crafty Games and Die Hard Dice have teamed up to make a set of metal dice inspired by Brandon Sanderson’s popular Mistborn series.

Fans of the Mistborn tabletop RPG have been asking for metal dice for some time now, but the sheer cost of producing them has always been a deterrent for Crafty Games until now. Crafty Games has now partnered with Die Hard Dice to crowdfund the production of a set of 20 metal Allomancy dice. After the Kickstarter, these dice will only be sold in limited quantities direct from Crafty Games or at conventions.

The set consists of 20 metal dice, each with a unique color, finish, and Allomancy symbol that replaces the 6. The design of the dice also differ based on if the metal is a Pulling or Pushing metal. The dice come in a metal tin with a velvet inner lining for $180. There’s also a pledge for $200 that includes a dice tray and tower.

Stretch goals include three different sets of acrylic dice that will be included for free in each pledge. The Feruchemy dice set has already been unlocked. Should every stretch goal be met, this means that anyone who pledges for a metal dice set will be getting 60 free acrylic dice.

Crafty’s PR firm was nice enough to send us production samples of the Iron, Steel, Chromium, and Electrum dice. While I have read the novels, I don’t play the Mistborn RPG myself. Luckily, since they are just standard d6 dice I’ve been able to use them in 40k for smaller rolls like morale checks, psychic tests, and charges just to get a feel for how they roll. The dice look great in-person, and have that satisfying heft you get from metal dice. Just be sure to roll them in a dice tray so you don’t have these chunky metal boys rampaging through your carefully painted miniatures and terrain.

The price tag might deter a lot of people, but after playing around with the production samples we were sent, I’ve decided that I need to get a full set at some point myself. I’m a fan of the Mistborn novels, a sucker for rolling dice, and have always wanted to get some fancy metal dice for my weekly wargaming sessions. If you’re a hardcore fan of Mistborn and like tabletop games, you may want to keep an eye out for these dice.

The campaign will run until December 20th, and is currently over 200% funded.

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