Crossout, a PC MMO, is Like Twisted Metal and Mad Max Had an Unholy Post-Apocalyptic Baby

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We’ve learned of a pretty ambitious PC MMO game called simply Crossout, from both Russian studio Gaijin Entertainment and Targem Games.

The game is currently in pre-alpha, and puts various players from around the world into a post apocalyptic world akin to Mad Max, where having a tough and mobile death machine is the key to ruling the wastelands. However, the apocalypse wasn’t brought on by a nuclear holocaust / struggle for oil resources, it was an alien invasion.

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Oh, and human genetic experimentation went horribly wrong, leading to lots of exciting potential history to shoehorn into the game. Gaijin is promising that car customization is a crucial part of the experience, as no two cars will be the same.

There are reportedly “thousands of possibilities,” according to Gaijin Entertainment, each of which affecting your vehicle’s performance.

You can build a fast and agile buggy-styled car, or a heavy and unstoppable vehicle meant to plow through dangerous off-road terrain. You’ll be able to gather new parts and upgrades for your vehicles, via both completing tasks in game, or through merchants.

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You’ll be able to step into your virtual garage and completely modify your vehicle to whatever means fits your preferred wasteland lifestyle. This includes customizing the car’s support systems, weapons, shape, cosmetics, and armor.

The weapons you can expect in game are reminiscent of Twisted Metal, and they include machine guns, rocket launchers, chainsaws, and even power drills. There’s even an in-game auction system, although Gaijin is mum on sharing details on how this works for right now.

The full gameplay reveal for Crossout is coming at this year’s E3. A beta is coming later, and if you want to get a spot – you better head over to their official website to sign up.

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