CrossfireX gets big new “Babylon” update


Publisher Smilegate Entertainment and developer Remedy Entertainment released a new CrossfireX “Babylon update, adding new maps, weapons, and more.

Here’s a new trailer for the update:

Here’s a rundown on the update:

A new Event Battle Pass is here, two NEW maps have been added, Submarine returns and Transport Ship joins the Modern playlist!

NEW MAP: BABYLON – Occupation (Modern)

  • Experience CrossfireX like never before with our largest map yet! Engage in 15v15 including brand new features such as pilotable vehicles, controllable turrets, equipment supply crates and more as you fight to defend your faction’s territory.
  • Provide fire support for your team by capturing the unique Tarantula control point. Doing so will unleash a devastating missile strikes across the map, allowing your faction to press the attack.

NEW MAP: SATELLITE – Search & Destroy (Classic & Modern)

  • Set within a military compound, different routes of attack will take the fight through warehouses and alleyways.

NEW Event Battle Pass is now active! Take advantage with the start of a new EXP boost event, running for a limited time only!

  • Start earning progress towards various exclusive skins, boosts, and currency unlocks in this FREE battle pass!

Also earn bonus EXP/GP based on the following:

  • Weekdays – 30% EXP/GP Boost (Monday 07:00 UTC to Friday 17:59 UTC)
  • Weekends – 100% EXP/GP Boost (Friday 18:00 UTC to Monday 06:59 UTC)

Submarine – Melee Team Deathmatch (Event)

  • The mayhem returns! Jump back into Submarine and put your melee skills to the test in this limited time mode.
  • EVENT MISSION: Complete 3/3/4 matches on Submarine to earn 3000/3000/4000 GP!

Transport Ship (Modern) has been added!

  • Players will now be able to queue into Transport Ship via the Modern Team Deathmatch playlist!

Valley has moved to the regular playlists:

  • Valley (Modern) has been moved to the Modern – Team Deathmatch playlist.
  • Valley (Classic) has been moved to the Classic – Team Deathmatch playlist.

NEW WEAPONS have been added:

  • KALASH-LMG (Primary / LMG): 2,000 GP
  • Model 1903 (Primary / Sniper): 2,000 GP
  • HAMMER Mk. II (Primary / Shotgun): 2,000 GP
  • AP-45 (Secondary / Pistol): 1,000 GP

A new Play Event is now active via the MISSION screen in-game:

  • Rise of Babylon: Play on the new BABYLON map for 100 MINUTES to receive: KALASH-103 Alpine Strike (Weapon + Skin)

CrossfireX has been available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S since February 2022.

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