Crossdressing romcom anime Senpai wa Otoko no Ko premieres this week

Senpai wa Otoko no Ko

The upcoming romantic comedy between a guy, a girl, and their crossdressing friend Senpai wa Otoko no Ko (Senpai is an Otokonoko) will premiere on July 4.

The series began in 2019 as a web manga published by LINE and is the latest title from creator “Pomu”. The series follows Makoto Hanaoka, who at first appears to be a mature woman who attracts the attention of Saki Aoi, a bisexual first year student. When Saki confesses, she learns that Makoto is actually a crossdressing boy and has to consider her feelings.

After deciding she still liked him, she decides to try and be with him regardless of his hobby for crossdressing. Meanwhile Makoto’s childhood friend Ryuji Taiga is sorting through his own feelings, and decides even though they’re both men that he wants to be with him.

A bisexual love triangle between Saki-Makoto-Ryuji sets the scene for the upcoming anime. You can check out the trailer below.

The series is the latest from studio Project No. 9 whose past work includes My Tiny SenpaiLove After World Domination, And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online?, and more.

Senpai wa Otoko no Ko premieres on July 4.



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