Craftopia boss rush update out now, adds new boss-filled dungeon and more

Craftopia boss rush update

Pocket Pair announced the Craftopia boss rush update is now available for the early access, open-world survival and crafting game.

Here’s a brief rundown on the Craftopia boss rush update:

  • Boss Rush Dungeon – You will fight against bosses after bosses! The deeper the floor, the better Enchanting Scrolls rewards!
  • Enchanting Table and Enchanting Scrolls – Consume Enchanting Scrolls to apply their enchantments to the item of your choice. Enchanting Scrolls can be obtained by using “Blank Enchanting Scroll”, which can be obtained from the rewards of Boss Rush Dungeon.
  • Racing Series Furniture and Racing Car – Combine various shapes of racing furniture to create your own racing circuit, then ride on your Racing Car to compete with your friends!
  • Various Building Items – Canvas series furniture can be colored with Spray Paint; Japanese Style furniture can make more unique bases!
  • New Throwables – Flash Grenade can stun enemies, and Banana Peel Trap can make them slip! But don’t throw it at Racing Cars!
  • New Sound Blocks – Bass Block and Synthesizer Block are now available! You can even make music in Craftopia now.
  • New Automation Facilities – 3-way Sorting Machine and Distributor will definitely help you sort things out. Start your factory life today!
  • New Pets – 50+ more mobs are now available to tame!
  • New Spear Skill – All the spear users might be waiting for this skill, Charged Spear!

If you want the full and exhaustive patch notes, you can find them here.

Here’s a new trailer for the update:

Craftopia boss rush update

Craftopia has been available for Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PC.



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