Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute Announced for Switch and PS4

Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute

City Connection has announced Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute for both Switch and PS4, a shoot ’em up collection launching in September 2021.

The newly announced (via 4Gamer.net) Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute is launching for Switch and PS4 on September 30th, and includes the 1997 release of Cotton 2, the 1998 released Cotton Boomerang, and the 1998 released Guardian Force.

While pre-orders are launching on April 27th for Switch and PS4, City Connection is considering bringing Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute to other platforms – so it’s reasonable to expect the collection for Windows PC as well.

Despite all three games being available for arcade and Sega Saturn, as the “Saturn Tribute” name suggests, all three games will use the original Sega Saturn version as their base, while City Connection is adding various new functions like continuous shooting as standard, rewinding to previous scenes, quick save/load, online rankings, and more.

As per our previous report, a 30th anniversary Cotton game is being developed by Success Corporation for arcades. While Success Corp said they’re not ready to show the game as they’re not satisfied with it at the current time, they are confident in the quality of what the game will be at release.

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