Tabletop RPG with AI art Corpse Kings gets release date

Corpse Kings

Inspired by Ravenloft and Dungeons & Dragons, Corpse Kings is a tabletop RPG with a somber atmosphere.

Corpse King promises riveting battles against the undead, in a world where Necromancers serve as rulers. Genre fans might have concerns about its AI art though, which the devs talked up:

“Please also be aware that Corpse Kings is created with Art by AI (Specifically Midjourney 5.2) Strange Glass Games accepts and acknowledges the controversial nature of AI Art,” the developer said. “Real Art by Real people will always be better.”

You can read more about the game below:

Indie Solo Studio Strange Glass Games is excited to announce the imminent launch of their first TTRPG Corpse Kings.

The game is a lovingly crafted homage to the 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons module Ravenloft, albeit created with an original rules light system with a focus on fear and fun.

Instead of playing battled hardened adventurers, players can take on the role of anything from Vampires, Ghouls and Ghosts to the shambling Undead in the Gothic city of Na-Zaii.

In this game, the Known World is ruled by the titular Corpse Kings – ancient Necromancers who conquered both mankind and supernatural being alike. Players explore a creepy and beautiful Gothic city, filled with mystery and danger.

Corpse Kings has a classless based system, with a design philosophy allowing both players and GM’s to tune the difficulty and tone to their liking.

Whether you want to run the game as a dungeon crawling OSR or a fun Halloween Romp – it’s completely up to you. The included rules are easily hacked and homebrewed with no more needed than a single D20 and D6. The setting is also easily transferred to any edition of D&D.

The City of Na-Zaii is populated by frightening creatures and characters, all of which are presented in the Core Rulebook. The Rulebook will also include a plethora of Spells, Skills, Recipes and lashings of lore. Everything a newly arrived Vampire or Werewolf could sink their teeth into.

Corpse Kings will launch October 1, 2023, and will be available at Drive Thru RPG for $15 USD.



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