Coridden Preview – Shapeshifting Diablo-like ARPG


Have you ever wanted to ride your friends? No, not like that you perverts. Oh, you thought a piggyback right? Well, well you are at least closer to the correct mark. At PAX East 2024, we met with Anshar at the Polish booth to check out their upcoming game Coridden.

Due to some poor timing and technological issues, we really didn’t get to see much of publisher Anshar and developer Aftnareld’s bestial shapeshifting action RPG, Coridden.

Now this wasn’t due to a problem with the demo, but rather, a technology error with the controllers not working registering. Coridden is a game meant to be played with friends or a partner but can be played solo. Coridden has similar gameplay elements as Diablo.

What makes Coridden special is the ability for players to shape shift; now shapeshifting alone isn’t special, however, it is the first time I can think of where you can shapeshift and then your partner ride on you as a mount. This ability can be helpful when moving throughout the level and one has to run to the bathroom.

As the game progresses, new forms will be unlocked allowing for different fighting styles. Characters have two different sets of health bars. Rather than being forced into a role right away, the player can choose what type of character they want to be.

This means you can play the same character each time but change what role you want to be.

Honestly, Coridden looks like it has the potential to be a fun four-player dungeon crawl. We only wish we had more time with the demo so that we can see what else the game has to offer.

Hopefully, Anshar Publishing or developer Aftnareld will release a demo closer to the game’s upcoming release so that we can revisit it and find out what really makes the game special. Coridden is launching sometime later in 2024 for Windows PC (via Steam).

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