Core Keeper’s first anniversary update is live

Pugstorm’s Core Keeper is celebrating its first birthday, so fans get a nice anniversary update to go along.

The update’s description reads:

We’ve released a list of patch notes that you can take a look at, but since this is a mini-update, we can walk you through the new content right here.

Expect new stock (and a new look) for the Seasonal Merchant, including colourful party hats, new “Happy Birthday” sheet music, and a very special birthday cake (or should we say buff-day cake?) that grants players a permanent boost to their maximum health!

Indie gaming fans will also spot a nod to our friends over at ReLogic with our new playable sheet music for the “Journey’s Beginning” track from Terraria, which they can pick up by defeating a certain royal slime.

Core Keeper is currently on Steam Early Access, and this anniversary update is just the first step of their 2023 roadmap, which you can view here.

We have a hands-on preview for the game, just in case you want to know more about Core Keeper.

Core Keeper is available now as an Early Access title on PC (via Steam).



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