Core Keeper NPC guide – how to get them to live in your base

Core Keeper NPC guide

One of the first bosses of Core Keeper most players will fight is Glurch the Abominous Mass, a massive slime that’s surprisingly quick; and upon his death, a merchant will pop out of the slime’s corpse along with a few goodies. This “Slime Merchant” can actually be brought back to your base provided you make a room for him.

Luckily, one of the items Glurch drops is a cannister of “beard slime” which will make the Slime Merchant feel right at home. But you can’t just plop it down anywhere, he has standards after all.

Core Keeper NPC guide

So to make a room for an NPC, you only need to meet a few requirements:

  • The room cannot be larger than 8×8
  • The room must have a bed that hasn’t been claimed by a player
  • The room must have a WOODEN door (at the time of publishing stone doors are glitched and won’t count for meeting the requirements)
  • The room must have the NPCs associated item.

Once you’ve made a room that meets the requirements, just go about your business. The NPC won’t immediately poof into the room, you’ll need to get a good bit away from the room so he can just sneak in when you aren’t looking.

Now that the NPC is in his new home, he’ll stay there as long as you keep the door shut. If you leave the door open, he’ll wander around but never so far you can’t find him in short order.

Core Keeper

That’s all there is to it! It’s ok if you were kicking yourself trying to make a room and you just couldn’t get the NPCs to move in, Core Keeper is strangely opaque about the requirements to create a room for NPCs.

If you want to know more about Core Keeper it’s available now on Windows PC (Steam), you can also check out our preview here!

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