Cooperative roguelike The Black Pool releases into Early Access

The Black Pool

Unreal Engine roguelike The Black Pool pits you and your friends against high-tech aliens.

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

The Black Pool is a 3d action roguelike to be played solo or preferably with up to 3 of your friends. Each attempt to make it back home will take you through a gauntlet of different worlds. You will discover different elements, abilities, and upgrades. Striking visuals, an electrifying soundtrack, and high pace / skilled action will plunge you into each attempt to battle your way out.

The Black Pool has taken you to a remote and unknown galactic system. Make your way across a number of diverse and randomized worlds to try and make it back home.

Throughout your journey, you will learn to master supernatural elemental abilities. Carefully select powers from a pool of dozens, complimenting existing abilities and those of your friends. Strategically upgrade these abilities to maximize your potential. There are thousands of possibilities, can you become powerful enough to face what lies ahead?

Nearly all the planned base features of the game have been developed. Currently, the game features:

• The fully developed playthrough sequence, allowing the game to be played start to finish in both single player and multiplayer up to 4 players.

• 8 unique worlds, 6 of which are utilized in the random portion of the playthrough sequence.

• 29 unique levels which dynamically adjust based on procedural selection.

• 7 different elemental schools (Fire, Light, Ice, Decay, Terra, Wind, Lightning) consisting of 42 unique abilities.

• 77 unique upgrades for the various abilities.

• 12 upgradeable device powers which enhance player progression across playthrough attempts.

• 31 unique enemies, including 8 unique multi-stage boss encounters.

• Original musical score consisting of 6 dynamically arranged tracks which progress with the playthrough sequence, and 7 shuffled music tracks for the Temple hub world.

• 2 multi-tier endgame challenge modes (3 options for each).

• Recovery for disconnected/uncompleted playthrough sessions in both single and multiplayer.

The Black Pool puts you and your friends in the shoes of four kids who fall into a supernatural realm by accident, and now must defeat massive creatures with their newfound powers to go back home.

The Black Pool is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam’s Early Access).



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