Cookie Cutter launches in December, adds console ports

Cookie Cutter

Publisher Rogue Games and developer Subcult Joint announced a release date for Cookie Cutter, their ultra-violent metroidvania.

Cookie Cutter is launching on December 14th on Windows PC (via Steam) and now Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, the latter of which got announced today.

Here’s a rundown on the previously announced game, plus a new trailer:

Inside a dark and cold lab hidden deep under the surface of the infamous Megastructure, the mechanic Raz searches for his missing friend Doctor Shinji Fallon, but instead finds a ruined lab and a nearly-destroyed Denzel who awakens from a life-preserving slumber. Her name is Cherry.

Play as Cherry, an android fuzed to life by a combination of high technology and a mortal soul. She is punk rock as hell and pissed. Her creator and girlfriend–the love of her life, Doctor Shinji Fallon –has been kidnapped by a demented sicko and Cherry intends to make him-and anybody or anything who gets in her way-pay. Now, with a little help from Raz’s mechanical expertise, Cherry will upgrade from companion to killer.

Cookie Cutter features hybrid fighting/ platforming traversal gameplay, with highly stylized environments and objectives serving as the backdrop for fast-paced combat. On the way to victory, the player tangles with environmental hazards, baddies, bosses, and an unfolding plotline told through successive areas, meant to be enjoyed over longer gaming sessions. Leverage Cherry’s considerable fighting skills to beat an outrageous cast of enemies to bloody pulps, unlock spectacular new abilities, gain access to new regions of the expansive world, interact with charismatic allies, battle epic bosses, and so much more as you experience the benchmark 2D Metroidvania inspired by Japanese manga, Quentin Tarantino films, and HP Lovecraft.


  • A metroidvania like no other – Designed for mature players–unabashedly bloody and irreverent, Cherry, a badass android on a love-driven quest to find Shinji, beats the ever-living crap out of anyone who hurt her.
  • Action-packed world – Explore and retraverse a massive and gorgeous dystopian world, battle outrageous enemies and absolutely huge bosses as you form allies with a large cast of over-the-top characters. Experience a visually-stunning adventure filled with mad weapons, humor, and awesome gameplay presented in an accessible fashion, ensuring players of all capabilities can join in the fray.
  • Unique combat system – Transform Cherry by unlocking a robust variety of new abilities and weapons like chainsaws, plasma cannons, guitar-slides, mecha fists, and motorcycles.
  • An all-out spectacle – From pulse-pounding combat in dynamic areas to a constant stream of weird enemies, immerse yourself in the ever-evolving gameplay mechanics as well as a trippy narrative featuring over-the-top characters, rich environments, and whacked-out dialogue. And the experience delivers all the depth, platforming, puzzle-solving, and combat that Metroidvania fans expect from the very best in the genre.
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