Control Digital Deluxe Edition Players Briefly Able to Upgrade to Ultimate Edition for Free; Lose Access 24 Hours Later and Asked to Pay

Control Ultimate Edition

Players of Control briefly found they were able to upgrade to the Ultimate Edition despite 505 Games prior statements; only to lose access 24 hours later, and be asked to buy it.

We previously reported on the Control Ultimate Edition; and that being the only way to upgrade Control to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. This drew ire from many, as other upgrades had been free. 505 Games later explained that the issue stemmed from the challenges of upgrading the game due to not wanting to exclude players.

Now, users on both Twitter [1, 2] and Reset Era (as reported by EuroGamer and Yong Yea) had discovered they were able to “upgrade” to the Ultimate Edition for free if they owned the original Control. The majority of users claim to own the Digital Deluxe edition. It should be noted this upgrade remained on current generation consoles, as next-gen consoles have not been released.

“The Ultimate edition showed at full price at first,” one user on Reset Era stated, “because I hadn’t “purchased” for free the second DLC that just came out, but after I did, it said I owned the UE.” The Digital Deluxe edition provided a season pass of all DLC, while the Ultimate Edition boasted containing all DLC.

As one user on Reset Era pointed out, 505 Games had previously stated “The upgrade path that we are offering is only possible when upgrading from the same version of the game.” In other words, from the Ultimate Edition on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, to PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

This means that despite their claims, the Ultimate Edition is the same as the Digital Deluxe edition; sharing the same content and code to the point online stores were treating the Ultimate Edition as a bundle. This may mean 505 Games were planning to allow players to upgrade from the Digital Deluxe edition to the Ultimate Edition on next gen consoles.

While this happened on September 10th, on September 11th that 505 Games had reportedly removed the free upgrade option from online stores. Even users who had downloaded the Ultimate Edition for free were now allegedly being told to purchase the game. Numerous Reset Era users recounted how they lost access

“Okay so 13 hours ago, and throughout the day, I was able to download control from the Ultimate Edition store page and it showed as purchased on my end. Now, the web browser store and the store on PS4 tells me to ‘add (the game) to my basket’ instead of ‘download to my PS4.’ They flicked the switch to prevent access that they previously allowed.”

“Same with me. Store now says ‘Add to Basket’ The fact that I launched the game from the store page earlier today and now it’s telling me I don’t own the ‘Ultimate’ edition is a joke.”

“Prettttttyy scummy! Ultimate Edition showed as ‘Purchased’ last night for me, too, but now it’s asking me to buy it. If you’re going to insist I buy it again, 505, at least give me a new trophy list to complete.”

At this time of writing, 505 Games have not issued a statement.

Control is out now on Windows PC (via the Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Control Ultimate Edition is available via Windows PC (via the Epic Games Store, and Steam), digitally on PlayStation 4, Xbox One (end of 2020 physically for both consoles), and end of 2020 digitally on PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X (early 2021 physically for both consoles).

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