Console Ports for Shadowgate Launch on April 11

Abstraction have confirmed the release date for the remake of Shadowgate.

The classic adventure game is launching for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 11th. The console version includes radial menus, four difficulty options, and the ability to revert the game to its classic original graphics and sound.

The original 1987 Shadowgate was for the original Apple Macintosh. It was remade from the ground-up by Zojoi in 2014 for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux (all via Steam) and iOS.

The game focuses on the eponymous Shadowgate, a “living castle” and home of the Warlock Lord. He is planning to summon a behemoth and plunge the world into darkness. Only by solving the various puzzles can you stop him.

You can find the full run-down below:

Shadowgate is a perfect tribute to the cult classic first-person, point-and-click adventure. Rebuilt from the ground up, it retains the fantasy story and fiendishly hard puzzles that made the original beloved when it released over 30 years ago, while also growing and improving the experience.

To make sure every element of Shadowgate was authentic for the 2014 PC remake, the original game directors returned as part of Zojoi. The result is that the dungeon now has more locations, all filled with story and puzzles that together expand on the world while remaining in keeping with the classic’s feel and tone.

The instantly noticeable difference in this loving recreation of Shadowgate is its stunning art. Delivering on a promise that was only in the team’s imagination back in 1987, the 2D hand-drawn world and items add a fresh look that helps illuminate every environment, item and puzzle.

To further enhance the experience for this console port, the interface has been painstakingly overhauled and optimised. Radial menus allow for faster selection of items and actions for heroes attempting to survive their journey to defeat the malevolent Warlock Lord.

Those wanting a more traditional Shadowgate experience can choose to make the game more challenging by selecting a higher difficulty level from the four available and reverting both the graphics and audio back to a more retro-style!

Get ready brave adventurer, the living castle awaits!

Key Features

  • First Person Adventuring: Utilize your inventory, mapping system and intuitive UI to complete your quest.
  • Dangerous Dungeons: Tons of beautifully illustrated rooms featuring both new and familiar locations, offering a fresh gameplay experience.
  • Mind-bending Puzzles: Lots of new and updated puzzles that seamlessly expand on the original game.
  • Difficulty Levels: Four different difficulty levels (from novice to expert) that actually change the gameplay experience and puzzle structure.
  • For the ultimate challenge, try Ironman mode that disables saves and requires players to finish the game in one try.
  • Retro Mode: Play the game like it’s 1989! Toggle on to listen to Hiroyuki Masuno’s original chiptunes, move between rooms with pixelated transitions and follow the text in retro format.
  • Storytelling: Shadowgate features dramatic cut-scenes and all the same great storytelling you expect from the original creators.
  • Cinematic Score: A digitally-orchestrated, dynamic soundtrack that changes with gameplay by composer Rich Douglas.
  • Soundscapes: A complete atmospheric and puzzle-based sound design featuring hundreds of sound effects.
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