Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles is an Alternate History Sci-fi RTS with Chickens

Space battles are fun and exciting moments in video games, but if you are tired of flying massive hulks of metal in the depths of space, Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles is the game you are looking for.

In the wild alternative take on the European Renaissance of 1794, Musketeers, great kings, and even chickens have taken to space, thanks to a crazy invention by Leonardo Da Vinci. War breaks out across the cosmos and the situation is dire. It is up to a legion of angry chickens, galactic musketeers, czars, and players to save the human race in a physics-based RTS.

Players pick a faction and take to battle, facing friends and foes from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. The ships have their own upgradable capabilities, which come from accumulating steam achievements. Players can even choose to be the bad guys and fight against The Chicken Faction. The game features a deep single player campaign of poultry politics and space combat, along with a multiplayer mode.

Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles is available now on Steam Early Access, for $19.99.



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