Conan Exiles is Coming to Xbox Game Pass, Isle of Siptah Expansion Launches May 27

Conan Exiles is Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Conan Exiles is coming to Xbox Game Pass, publisher and developer Funcom has announced alongside a launch date for its Isle of Siptah DLC.

While Funcom confirmed Conan Exiles is coming to Xbox Game Pass, we don’t have a solid date on when it’ll hit the Microsoft subscription service.

Funcom did confirm a full launch date for the Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah expansion, which hits full release on May 27th across Windows PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 – this is also the first time the expansion will be available on Xbox and PlayStation as the early access release was PC-only and has received numerous updates since.

Here’s a brief rundown on the changes made to Isle of Siptah since its early access release:

The landmass has become bigger, the scenery more vivid and diverse – and a new religion has been added, allowing players to summon and control an avatar of the terrifying spider-god Zath. Zath, who has been added even to the base game, can rain throngs of spiders down on your enemies, and lay cities to waste with venomous projectiles.

Additionally, three new factions of NPCs have moved to Siptah, and are threatening to conquer the island for their own selfish reasons. To the east, Stygian Mercenaries have begun rebuilding their colony of old. On the western shores, Black Corsairs have established terrifying strongholds for their raiding parties. And near the foreboding tower in the middle of the island, humans have begun allying themselves with the creatures of the outer dark. Known only as the Accursed, these demented souls are threatening to engulf the entire island in darkness.

The result is an island plentiful with lore, riches, and adventure to survive, build and dominate in.

Here’s a new trailer showing off how the Isle of Siptah expansion has been improved since its early access launch:

Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah is now available for Windows PC (via Steam), while the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions will get the new expansion sometime in 2021.

The base game for Conan Exiles is available on Windows PC (via Steam), PS4, and Xbox One.

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