Compile Heart is Teasing a New Galapagos RPG for PS3

So it seems like Compile Heart is really stretching out this tease for a new Playstation 3 RPG as much as they possibly can. Yesterday, we caught wind of a tease via their official Twitter account that they would be revealing something big on April 30th.

Now, we’ve gotten a bit more information, and yet the teasing still continues. Another tweet has been posted, this time pointing to a teaser website for a new Galapagos RPG. This new game will be the second in the new series of RPGs developed by the studio.

Featured above, the bizarre teaser video brings promises of a bold new game that can be even more adored by its “loyal Japanese customers.” A bunch of other phrases are blasted in the video, things like “Pushing Compile Heart to a New Development Mentality,” “A World of Torment,” and even “Peaceful Cooperation.”

I wouldn’t get your hopes up though, as the video flatly points out that “it’s not Fairy Fencer 2,” and that it’s also “not Mugen Souls.” Soon after this, a creature, the Galapagos Iguanappi strolls onto the screen. A message follows, “Whoa what?! The vibe around Galapagos Iguanappi.. what gives?!”

Finally, the creature transforms and then holds up three fingers, while repeatedly saying the phrase “Pi Esu.” If you think about this a bit, it sounds like this is just yet another Playstation 3 RPG, so we didn’t really learn anything much at all – only that it’s not Fairy Fencer 2 or another Mugen Souls game.

I hate to break it to you guys – but another reveal is coming on May 6th. Curses!



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