Comparing Fortnite to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

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With many PUBG players migrating to Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, the question of which is better is more relevant than ever. It’s not a new question at all, but because PUBG popularized the battle royale genre, many think it is better. Is that really the case, though?

Let’s compare both games first:


Ideally, video games should appeal to players visually. They will, after all, be looking at their screens for as long as they’re playing.

Fortnite’s polished, cartoony graphics might appeal to more players than PUBG’s more realistic and militaristic aesthetic. The former also puts less stress on graphics processors than the latter, owing to its superior optimization. However, Fortnite’s bright and cheery character designs are very easy to spot, while the more realistic graphics of PUBG, and its variety of clothes, make player characters easier to camouflage.


One big difference between the two games in terms of gameplay is Fortnite’s building feature. The ability to build towers and traps adds a new layer to the gameplay, one that PUBG doesn’t have. Otherwise, things are pretty similar aside from a few key differences.

For example, looting PUBG items is a matter of luck. While there are areas on the map that are more likely to spawn good weapons, it doesn’t guarantee that they’re always there. Helicopter-delivered crates may contain the best equipment, but players might have to fight each other for it. Meanwhile, in Fortnite, items are in chests that spawn in mostly the same areas. In addition to that, the quality of items in the chests is more easily identified because they are color-coded.

In summary, Fortnite is a pretty casual affair, while PUBG has more serious and complex gameplay.


PUBG has large maps with towns, islands, and other natural features. Erangel is one large island with a smaller island off to the south. It has huge plains, though some areas have cliffs and high ground. Those are pretty uncommon. Miramar is a desert area with a big island off to the south and smaller islands to the east. It has more hills than Erangel, but plains still makeup a majority of the map.

Fortnite has a relatively smaller map, also dotted with towns, consisting of only one landmass with a small lake near the middle. There is a river running through the whole landmass, which flows through the lake, as well. The January 2018 update added an underground mine, a cityscape, a scrapheap and other additions to the map.

PUBG’s large maps make vehicles necessary for crossing large distances, while it’s not as necessary in Fortnite. The sizes of PUBG’s maps also influence player encounters, as a large map reduces the chance of encountering other players until later.

The Verdict

Play Fortnite if you’re looking for a faster, more casual approach to battle royales. Play PUBG for a more challenging and tense experience with the genre.

This article is just a comparison between the two games. Whether something ‘better’ is entirely subjective. What someone thinks is ‘better’ could be ‘just the same’ for another. Neither of these games is really objectively better). It really is just a matter of preference.

Whether you enjoy Fortnite, PUBG, or both, we hope you continue playing and having fun! Summary: A comparison of Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode and PUBG. Both games have their own merits, advantages, and disadvantages, but in the end, the player’s opinion rules.

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