Steins;Gate 0, a Steins;Gate Sequel, Being Made as Both a Visual Novel and Anime [UPDATE]

In addition to announcing a visual novel based on his light novel, Occultic;Nine, Chiyomaru Shikura has announced that there will be another entry in the Steins;Gate franchise, which will be called Steins;Gate 0, and will include both a visual novel and an anime. You can watch the debut trailer for the game above.

There’s not much information yet. What we do know is that Zero takes place in the beta timeline: the Shibuya district has had to be reconstructed thanks to a war, and a string of deaths happen during the reconstruction. New characters will apparently be joining the cast. Here’s what the cast of Steins;Gate 0 look like:

steins gate zero  0 2015-03-28

In the original, a group of friends send text messages to the past through their microwave. As they perform experiments, they draw the attention of SERN, an organization researching time travel, and must avoid capture.

Matsubara Tatsuya will be producing the game, Huke will be responsible for character design, and the scenario writers for the visual novel will be Hayashi Naotaka , Yasumoto Toru, Takimoto Masashi, and Tsuchiya Tsukasa. Abo Takeshi will be responsible for the music.

See the rest of the images released for the project below. The official website for the game has also been opened.

We’ll keep you updated as we find out more.

(Thanks, Hachima Kikou, Famitsu, Inside Games.)

[Editor’s note: this article has been edited and updated since publication.]

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