Comiket 102 cosplay overflowing with dazzling and lusty costumes


Comiket 102 has come and gone, but for those who weren’t lucky enough to attend the wildly popular event, there exist countless photos online of the venue, in particular, the many cosplayers who attended wearing impressive cosplay outfits.

It has been noted that around 260,000 people attended the event, which was roughly 40% higher than Comiket 101. This pales in comparison to Comiket 97, where the event garnered a massive 750,000 attendees over four days.

This took place before the so-called “Coronavirus pandemic”, and ever since, Comiket has been drastically reducing its attendee count. Comiket 102 also removed the restrictions around admission, possibly contributing to this increase.

The classic Tokyo station Comiket dash has also transitioned from being a leisurely stroll (in the years following the Coronavirus) to a slightly more aggressive jaunt:

What the dash looked like in the years before the Coronavirus:

Some of the photos of the cosplayers present at the gathering, with many of the costumes boasting the usual astounding sex appeal:

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