Combat Update Released for Forager

HopFrog and Humble Bundle have released a massive new update to their quirky idle game, Forager.

The Combat Update adds tons of new features related to game difficulty and combat, including reworked skill grids, a new dungeon, a Hard mode, more challenging combat, pets, new gear, and much more. You can read more here, and check out a trailer above. The update is currently only available on the Windows PC version of the game.

Here’s a rundown of the new content:

New Content and Features:
  • New Biome/Dungeon: The Void.
    New procedural endless world players can travel to late in the game. You must defeat all enemies before the time runs out, or you will be teleported out! Defeating all the enemies in time will allow you to continue to the next level of the Void. Each time you progress, enemies will become stronger and more diverse, but your rewards will increase as well!
  • New Game Mode: Hard Mode.
    Hard Mode is available directly from the main menu when creating new savefiles, and it allows you to play Forager in a MUCH more difficult setting. All enemies are stronger and will attack your base, new enemies will also appear at night, and resource costs are increased!
  • New Gear and Item Tiers: Void and Cosmic.
    Two new and powerful tiers of gear that offer higher stats and new abilities, crafted from materials gained from content added in this update.
  • Improved Combat Difficulty.
    All enemies have increased stats, and some of them have improved AI and new combat moves! ALL Bossfights are also more difficult now!
  • New Enemies and Bosses.
    Face off against powerful new foes!
  • Pets.
    Unlock your own personal pet through the new Pet skill in the Foraging branch!
  • Starfalls.
    Legends say during the darkest nights, stars will randomly fall from the sky and Foragers everywhere are free to mine them for goodies!
  • Railroads.
    Go deep into the Industry branch of skills to unlock Railroads and Locomotives! These contraptions will allow you to move quickly through your giant base!
  • Boss-Summoning Sigils.
    Fight new powerful late-game bosses by summoning them on your base! You will be able to fully create and customize an arena to give you an advantage over them!
  • New Secret NPC.
    There is a new secret trader NPC that only spawns at night and will sell rare items!
  • Skill Grid Rework.
    A lot of the boring/useless skills have been reworked or removed, and new ones have been added!
  • Game Balance/Pacing Rework.
    Improved pacing and difficulty! Finally! Players won’t be able to unlock overpowered skills and gear TOO early anymore, making the pacing smoother and gameplay longer!
  • New Inventory Menu.
    New design and new features! Sort items manually, Send items to Vaults automatically, Add/Remove items from your Toolbar and full item descriptions!
  • New Crafting Menu.
    New design and new features! Infinite crafting, Pinned recipes and full item descriptions!
  • Vault Locking.
    You are now able to lock slots on Vaults to make sure only the specified item goes in it!
  • 100 New Items!
  • A TON of Bugfixes!

Forager is available on Windows PC (via Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store), PS4, and Switch for $19.99.

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