Combat Core, an Oculus Rift-Powered Throwback to Power Stone, is Up on Kickstarter

Developer MabManz has put up Combat Core, their Power Stone-inspired party brawler, onto Kickstarter.

While this is the second attempt at crowdfunding by MabManz, the game has resurfaced with a more polished build, and a playable demo, which you can download here, for Windows. Featured above, you can view a gameplay trailer for the game’s current build – which character stands out most to you?

The game is described as a 3D arena fighting game, while it borrows elements from Power Stone, Custom Robo, and Super Smash Bros., although it also sports its own look and feel. There’s even some physics in there – like when the voluptuous Ember is flung into the air.

combat core 05-22-15-3

Here are the key features of the game:

  • High-Powered Combat from 1v1 to 4 player battle royale or team modes
  • Physics-based environment destruction and interactive ragdolls
  • Original Characters with fun, unique movesets and strengths
  • Combat Cores can boost fighter stats and grant special attacks to fit your play style!
  • Local Multiplayer + Online Multiplayer using Exit Game’s Photon Networking Framework
  • Interactive Arenas with a variety of mechanics and hazards
  • Weapon Pickups ranging from lazer swords to energy grenade launchers, with multiple attacks and uses
  • Full Character Editor to create custom fighters with different gear, stats, and skills
  • Oculus Rift Compatible – The first fighting game with native Oculus Rift support!

combat core 05-22-15-12

combat core 05-22-15-2

MabManz is currently seeking $30,000 in funds on Kickstarter – while their totals are currently sitting at roughly $6800. If funded, the game will be coming to PC and Mac, with Oculus Rift support. However, if the campaign hits $90,000, the game will be coming to Xbox One and Wii U.

You can find Combat Core here on Kickstarter.

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