Code Found in Microsoft Flight Simulator Suggest Potential VR for Xbox Series X+S

Xbox Series X S

Despite Microsoft’s reluctance to announce virtual reality support for the Xbox Series X+S, users have discovered hints that the company may be still looking at bringing VR to the new consoles.

Users over on the official Microsoft Flight Simulator forums have discovered calls to the Xbox Series X+S codename that are clear indications they’ve been at least testing some kind of virtual reality on the platform.

Forum user Cygnifick (via Windows Central) who discovered multiple Xbox strings within game files, including references to PC_VR and Scarlett_VR. The files have been identified and they do exist within the game files.

While Project Scarlett was the moniker used for Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox, both the Xbox Series X and S were codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart, respectively. It makes sense that Microsoft would be dabbling in VR on their new consoles, as they previously planned to include VR support with what became the Xbox One X, only to scrap it just prior to release.

Would you pick up a virtual reality headset for the Xbox Series X or S? Or do you already own a VR set for another platform? Sound off in the comments below!

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launches on November 10th, for $499 USD and $299 USD respectively.

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