Co-op tactical combat RPG Project Haven unveils new demo

Project Haven

The Steam Strategy Fest is bringing many new demos, including one for Project Haven, an upcoming turn-based shooter.

You can view the announcement and a trailer below:

Developer Code Three Fifty One is excited to share the participation of their tactical turn-based combat game, Project Haven, at the upcoming Steam Strategy Fest. From August 28th through September 4th, gamers of all interests are invited to this unique event, a celebration of strategic gaming, hosted exclusively on Steam.

The updated demo, available exclusively for Steam Strategy Fest, grants players the unique opportunity to team up with friends and allies in Project Haven’s compelling cooperative mode. In a world where tactical precision is a necessity, partnering with a fellow strategist adds an entirely new layer of depth. Strategize together, synchronize your moves, and execute tactics in harmony.

As players lead the Steel Dragons mercenary crew through the gritty urban streets of the last city on Earth, this cooperative addition transforms the battlefield dynamics. Engage in a captivating narrative-driven campaign with your friends, leverage each other’s strengths, coordinate your every move, synchronize strategies, and execute synchronized assaults for that extra damage. Conquer together as you uncover the hidden truths of a city rife with desperation and intrigue.

Project Haven‘s demo can be found on Steam, and supports co-operative gameplay.

Project Haven is coming out at some point in 2023, for Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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