Cloud Chamber Job Listings Reveal Next BioShock in Development and Details; Fantastical World, Experimental Combat, and Emergent Design

BioShock Infinite

Developer Cloud Chamber have posted job listings for work on the next Bioshock game, offering small hints at what the game will offer.

Multiple job listings on Cloud Chamber’s website states “Oh, almost forgot to mention that we’re currently making the next BioShock!!” Cloud Chamber is a division of 2K, who announced the studio’s formation and that they would be working on the next Bioshock title on December 9th, 2019.

Cloud Chamber specifically want a Lead Environment Modeler to “set the example, leading efforts to help us breathe life into a new and fantastical world.” They must also “create visually appealing, 3D models of natural and architectural elements based on concept art and/or photo reference while extracting the best / brightest details and exaggerating those to a point of caricature.”

They are also seeking a Principal Combat Designer who is “excited by pushing boundaries and trying risky experiments that haven’t been seen before,” and loves “the idea of player expression, and get excited by emergent design and experiences.” Cloud Chamber wants to “create magic in both scripted and unscripted settings.”

The “fantastical world” and architecture with exaggerated caricature is to be expected from BioShock- taking inspiration from political ideologies to design the world. The description of combat may imply that along-side scripted encounters, players will find enemies in random locations.

What do you hope is in the next Bioshock game? Sound off in the comments below!

Image: BioShock Infinite (Steam)

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