Cloud Chamber is Attempting to Reinvent Modern Storytelling via Gaming

Investigate North is a Denmark based indie developer who are working on a very exciting and intriguing new game. Titled simply Cloud Chamber, the new experimental title is seeking to completely reinvent the way that we tell stories within games.

Featured above, you’ll get a sense of what the game is all about – a multiplayer mystery game in which everyone can participate in the narrative. The trailer also delves into how storytelling itself has changed with the advent of new technology throughout the ages.

The trailer also showcases in-game footage of the fictional database of discovered footage, documentary clips, and confidential journals – think of it as a collection of evidence that can all be used to solve the mystery. The game is also coming with leaderboards, which are based off Reddit styled forums where users can collaborate on solving things together.

Cloud Chamber is set for a release sometime this summer.



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