Clockwork Aquario is Coming to PC and Xbox One

Clockwork Aquario is Coming to PC

Publisher ININ Games has announced Clockwork Aquario is coming to PC and Xbox One in 2022, bringing the long-lost game to more platforms.

While Clockwork Aquario is coming to PC (via Steam) and Xbox One sometime in summer 2022, the colorful arcade game has been available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 since later in 2021.

Here’s a rundown on the November 2020-announced game:

The treasure from the arcades – Finally restored!

After being lost for almost 30 years, the colorful Clockwork Aquario will get its release as digital edition for modern consoles – Nintendo Switch and PS4!

Choose your favorite character and conquer various enemies and unique bosses with Huck Londo, Elle Moon, or the giant robot Gush – alone or together with your favorite Player 2 in co-op mode! Clockwork Aquario presents imaginatively created levels with beautiful, colourful, pixel graphics. Easy to pick up, the addictive side-scroller action and intuitive controls ensure you will instantly be immersed in the action as you face a host of baddies!

The History:

The development of Clockwork Aquario started in 1992 and is the last and never released arcade game developed by the legendary company Westone. Originally designed by the chief publisher, and co-founder of Westone, Ryuichi Nishizawa, Clockwork Aquario can be described as the swan song of a company that was part of an era with historic milestones such as the Wonder Boy / Monster World series.

Large character sprites, beautiful animations, vibrant colors – the game had everything an arcade game fan could dream of. But in the early 90s 3D games and fighting games were booming in the arcades, so 2D games like Aquario, that relied on beautifully drawn pixel art, were no longer regarded as commercially feasible for the arcade centers. So the game never got released. Something that ININ Games in cooperation with Strictly Limited Games needed to change.



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