Steampunk metroidvania game Clockwork Ambrosia launches in 2025

Clockwork Ambrosia

Publisher Omega Intertainment and developer Realmsoft have announced a release window for Clockwork Ambrosia, their new steampunk metroidvania game

Clockwork Ambrosia is set to launch sometime in spring 2025 for Windows PC (via Steam). A playable demo is now available.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Knowledge is a gift, but ego is a curse – don’t become the lesson.

Thrilling and empowering, Clockwork Ambrosia is a vibrant fusion of metroidvania and 2D shooter gameplay with a weapon-building twist.

Clockwork Ambrosia’s combat mechanics thrill to life as players piece together unique weapons with game-changing modifications and synergies.

Rig up endless combinations of powers: screen-filling shot splitters, devastating missile strikes and armor-piercing sniper rounds.

Exploration and discovery drive the world of Clockwork Ambrosia. Brilliant pixel art takes players above the clouds to the steampunk wonders of a cloud city, through the lush and gorgeous mushroom forest, and down below to the moody underbelly of the sunken kingdoms – and much more.

Players do not work alone. They will entreat a cast of characters, from rogue – but benevolent – AI companions to bumbling mushroom folk, to overcome the dangers of the island.

Walk the forbidden biomes of Aspida as Iris, an itinerant airship engineer trying to escape the island after a near-miss airship crash. The plucky engineer soon finds herself caught up in a mystery spawning eons when the island’s populace disappears, seemingly replaced by malevolent robots and cyborgs. The true architect of these plans, however, will draw Iris towards a truth she may not want to face…

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