Isometric City Builder City of Atlantis Revealed for PC

City of Atlantis

Publishers CreativeForge Games, Games Operators and developers Gambit Games Studio and MeanAstronauts have announced City of Atlantis for PC, a new isometric city builder focused on the mythical city of legend.

The new city builder has you build up and manage the legendary city featured in Plato’s account of the region. City of Atlantis is both a full-fledged city builder where you have to provide for your citizens, as well as a survival game where you fend off tidal waves and other disasters.

While the Atlantis legend of our world leaves it at the city sinking beneath the sea, City of Atlantis has players fending off the aforementioned tidal waves with concentric islands outfitted with ramparts and walls, as well as armaments to protect your city from invaders.

Here’s the debut trailer:

Here’s a rundown on the game, via its Steam page:

City of Atlantis is an isometric city-building survival game set in the world of the mythical Land of Atlantis. According to legend, the city far surpassed other nations in terms of scientific, military, and economic advancement. One day, however, it vanished from the face of the Earth. Now, after centuries, it re-emerges from the ocean depths.

City management is key. Plan each expansion in such a way that it ensures maximum efficiency of production chains and transportation. Workaround non-workable areas and utilize gathered knowledge to constantly progress and improve. A well-designed city will significantly improve its economic efficiency, greatly increasing your income. Be cautious though! Bad decisions and neglecting certain aspects of city life can result in the tragic death of an entire society.

Atlantis must not fall. Defend your city from tsunamis by building huge water breakers and reinforcing the outer layers. Build defensive structures to fend off armies of ancient warriors from Greece and Egypt. Control the spread of deadly diseases.

The life of the keepers of Atlantis is priceless. Make sure that their work is not interrupted and they are protected from harm. Keep providing them with the necessary tools and create safe working conditions. Citizens are very difficult to replace as their education and experience don’t come cheap. Each will represent a faculty such as military, education, or health. They might excel in many areas such as agriculture, hygiene, architecture, technology, militarism, medicine, politics, commerce, philosophy, or art.

The city of Atlantis has a mission. It must discover and preserve the knowledge of the world. Train and equip heroes who will travel across the land and gather knowledge about the culture, history, law, art, and science. Make sure that you send the right people for the job and ensure that they have the best possible equipment at their disposal.

City of Atlantis has no release date currently, but you can wishlist the game over on its Steam page.

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