Citrine’s Last Wish is now available on Warframe

Citrine, the newest crystalized Warframe, is now available to all players in the game’s latest update.

The Warframe‘s description reads:

Gaze upon the Crystal Bastion. Citrine’s crystalline might supports allies on the battlefield and combat only enhances her fractal beauty. Pick up the new Crystal Bastion Collection on launch day in the Market or earn Citrine Blueprints in the new Mirror Defense Mission!

Citrine seems to fill the role of a support Warframe, which not many other suits in the game do.

The update also brings us the Rhino Deathwatch Skin, which turns the Rhino Warframe into a Rhino Beetle.

The update is already available, so any curious Tenno can go and grab Citrine right now.

Warframe is available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows (Through Steam), Xbox Series X and Series S.



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