Citizens of Earth is Back, Atlus to Publish the Title on PC, PS4, Vita, 3DS, and Wii U

Remember Citizens of Earth, that classic JRPG-inspired game that had you controlling the populace as the vice president of Earth? Well, they went to Kickstarter and tried to get funding, but unfortunately it seemed like it was either the wrong time, or they just couldn’t get enough exposure. Whatever the cause may be, the game is back, and it’s finally being made now that Atlus is publishing it.

The game will be coming to PC, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, 3DS and Wii U later this year via digital download. The game tasks you into figuring out why the world has descended into chaos, and you can recruit up to 40 normal, everyday people (although they are described as wacky) to do your bidding. Despite the fact that you’re the vice president, you hold a lot of power, and you have to maybe even save the Earth.

Here are the game’s official key features:

  • Gotta Recruit ‘em All – Every vote counts, and sometimes you have to do some pretty shameful things to get them… Citizens of Earth has 40 citizens to collect to fight in your party, each with their own unique play-style and out-of-combat world abilities. Everyone in town will lend a hand, from the way-too-jittery Barista and the ever-optimistic Weatherlady to the notoriously skeezy car salesman and the ridiculously shy (and totally real) Sasquatch!
  • Occupy Earth! – It’s time to take back Earth from the opposition. There are no random encounters in Citizens of Earth; you’ll see every enemy on the field before you fight them. So go ahead and maneuver around those unwanted encounters or command your constituents to charge in for an ambush! As long as the VP’s got a party to do his dirty work, it’s all good!
  • It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again… But Better – Citizens of Earth has some serious nostalgic cues, but don’t worry, we didn’t skimp on the graphics for the sake of being retro. This title goes far beyond the 16-bit standard, with real-time lighting, HD art, a day/night cycle, weather effects, and more.
  • Four- or Eight-Year Terms – The depth of content in Citizens of Earth means you can play a quick and casual adventure or a white-knuckle, pray-you-survive-until-the-next-turn grind-fest! The game is filled with hours of bonus content to explore, optional side-quests, and of course, citizens waiting to be recruited!
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