Cindy of Final Fantasy XV is Apparently Too Sexy for Some Users

Square Enix boss and Final Fantasy XV game director Hajime Tabata and marketing manager Akio Ofuji held the latest Active Time Report, where they discussed the player reactions and feedback for the playable demo that came with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

Among the feedback included many fans complaining about the framerate, the camera following your character too closely, on-screen UI, (featured above, you can view the entire recording of the report) and more – but the hot button topic is clearly what a female character in the game is wearing.

final fantasy xv 04-30-15-1

Tabata and Ofuji touched on the complaint that Cindy was just “too sexy,” according to some fans. The game features scenes in which Cindy is seen working on cars, rolling out from under them, bending over them, and of course – just simply existing with that outfit, shown above. Tabata responded:

“She’s not meant to be an erotic type of character. She’s meant to be very outgoing and full of energy, someone that is very active. We partnered those kinds of traits with her looks, and we didn’t think it would be embarrassing for her to be on screen while, for example, your parents are in the same room.”

Ofuji also pointed out the people who seemed to be focused on the sheer design of her outfit, how revealing it is, and that it’s not something they imagine a mechanic wearing. “Ah, I see,” said Tabata. “However, she’s a very active and bright character, I can’t see us changing the current design.”

It’s also worth mentioning that Final Fantasy XV will not be making a major appearance at this year’s E3, according to Tabata and Ofuji. Instead, they’ll have new things to show for the game at this year’s Gamescom.
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So what do you guys think? Perhaps the naysayers of Cindy’s design would be happier seeing a mechanic like Ellie from Borderlands 2? (shown above) While we don’t have numbers, the fact that Tabata and Ofuji even talked about her design indicates that enough people complained to bring it to their attention. Sound off in the comments below!



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