Chinese Splatoon knockoff LuoWei Cyberverse is coming


The mobile market as of late has been extremely cutthroat, with games trying to ape other franchises – the latest of which is Splatoon.

This has been the case for a while, with titles like Free Fire doing their best to emulate Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds before it actually got released on mobile.

Many other games like Black Desert Mobile and Hit2 attempt to bring the MMO experience to mobile as well, but could quite prepare us for what’s next: Splatoon is mobile gaming’s newest victim.

A recent post on Weibo, which is basically Chinese Twitter, showcased a demo of LuoWei Cyberverse, which looks very similar to a popular Nintendo franchise.

You can watch the game’s demo in action here:

The Splatoon knockoff is set to have 10 playable heroes at launch and even seems to be compatible with VR devices.

If the song that plays on the background of the video sounds familiar, there’s a good chance you already heard it. The song is called ‘Kill Kill’ by Le Destroy & The Bait and was featured in the Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack.

Chinese laws are very relaxed when it comes to intellectual properties, but we know Nintendo is itching to issue a DMCA at any point, so the future for LuoWei Cyberverse may look bleak depending on the company’s mood.

The game’s Weibo post does seem to be calling out for volunteers to test the game, so anyone interested in playing a few rounds of mobile knockoff Splatoon can serve as beta testers, just don’t say we didn’t warn you when Mario knocks on your door.

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