Chinese acrobat trampoline spontaneously explodes

Chinese acrobat

Circus acrobats in China were propelled about after their trampoline exploded for seemingly no reason.

Six acrobats from China’s Shanghai City were taking part in a flying trapeze act, a stunt that involves a performer jumping from one trapeze to another over a colossal trampoline.

On the trampoline below were five of the other acrobats, but one of the springs ended up snapping, causing the performers to be catapulted to the outskirts of the trampoline.

One of the acrobats was even thrust to the ground several feet below in a highly aggressive manner.

Video footage of the incident reveals the trapeze act gone wrong:

The incident brought the show to a stop, and those spectating were led out of the area ten minutes earlier than they were meant to.

After a quick medical checkup, it was learned from circus staff that the performers suffered no long-term injuries and were in a “good condition”.


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