China Changing it’s Stance on Game Consoles


China has hinted for a while that it was going to change it’s view on game consoles, but up until now we have only gotten compromises such as various TV plug and play systems with retro games.

Well, we have just gotten another compromise, but this time, it’s a much bigger one.

Recent legislation has just suggested that China will now allow modern game consoles to be sold in their market under certain circumstances.

– All systems must be manufactured in Shanghai

– All products must be approved by the government

This basically means that if you want to sell in China, you have to build a manufacturing plant specifically for that market, however, seeing as China has the largest population in the world, hence, the largest potential market, I can see companies taking this risk.  Who knows, maybe a new company will be the first to jump in there and claim the golden egg that is china?  Let us know what you think below.