China Bans Anime and Ultraman to Promote “Healthy Development”

Ultraman Tiga

China has recently banned multiple cartoons and the live-action series Ultraman Tiga in an effort to promote “healthy development” among the nation’s youth.

The National Radio and Television Administration of China made the announcement of their intentions last week on September 24th.


Radio and television network audiovisual program management comrades said that support qualified Internet audiovisual program service providers in accordance with the rules, production, introduction, broadcast the content of healthy and good, promote the good and the good of the excellent cartoons, resolutely resist containing violence and gore, vulgar pornography and other undesirable plot and picture of cartoons broadcast online. Children and adolescents are the main audience group of cartoons, the Internet audio-visual program services should do a good job “children’s channel”, “Youth Zone”, to further standardize the content of the program, optimize program scheduling, for the healthy growth of young people to create a good network audio-visual space.

Translation: DeepL

This is far from China’s first foray into censoring anime content. Just earlier this year Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation was removed from the Chinese site Billibilli due to “technical issues”.

China’s attack against what they consider vulgar content comes shortly after they began making moves against the video game industry. The country recently proposed a limit to underage gameplaying of only three hours a week and plan to expand their ratings board system according to our sister site Niche Gamer.

According to the Alibaba Group’s South China Morning Post, programs that China considers endangering include Peppa PigBarbie’s Dreamhouse Adventures, and My Little Pony. Surprisingly Ultraman Tiga from 1996 was also swept up in a Chinese ban of media.



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