Check Out the Guardians Guild in Risen 3: Titan Lords

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Publisher Deep Silver and developer Piranha Bytes have put out some new screenshots and informatio nfor Risen 3: Titan Lords.

Featured today is the Guardians Guild within the game, the Guardians are made up of powerful mages that combat evil – but their numbers and reputation have since dwindled.

Check out the rest of the new screenshots:

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You can also read a quick official blurb for the Guardians Guild here:

The last Mages and their faithful Guardians face a sinister and dark menace. Once a proud and elite order, the Mages were well-respected counselors of the kings. Now, outlawed by the Inquisition, they live a secluded life on the thunderous island of Taranis. As the hero of Risen 3: Titan Lords, you have the option to join the guild of the Guardians and learn the powerful spells of their crystal magic as you traverse the land in an effort to conquer your enemies and save the world.

Exiled to an extensive abbey in the mountains of Taranis, the old circle of wise men continue their experiments to create an enchanted weapon that can defeat the enemy Titans and set an end to the everlasting conflict. Armed with a private army of former soldiers, the Guardians Guild offers players training in the powerful magical arts and provide increased combat expertise if you choose to advance in the ranks. Players can gain access to exclusive armor from this proud order, and boost an array of magical spells to the limit.

Risen 3: Titan Lords is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC sometime later this year.

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