Chaotic ultra-fast FPS Stop Dead gets release date

Stop Dead

Telekinetic first-person shooter Stop Dead will jump and slide into a full release soon.

Stop Dead is a non-stop insane trek through a futuristic cityscape where you play as a telekinetic runner. The game cites Doom, Portal, and Mirror’s Edge as its biggest influences.

Stop Dead is hitting full release on October 5, 2023, for Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Don’t Stop. Never Stop. Stop and You’re Dead.

Launch yourself across the cityscape to complete missions as fast as possible in this chaotic, skill-based first-person telekinetic brawler. Use your superhuman abilities to pull objects and launch them at high speeds to massacre enemies in a frantic bloody romp. But remember to always keep moving; if you stop, you die.

In the future, sprawling cityscapes cover the planet and AI is everywhere. One rogue AI is hell-bent on destroying its creators and has swept you up in its plans. You may be a controlled cog in its machine but you’re one very destructive super-powered cog.

Inspired by Doom, Portal, and Mirror’s Edge, STOP DEAD blends speed, action, and carnage into a beautiful comic book-inspired cacophony of chaos and fun.

Game Features:

  • See It, Throw It, Kill It – Guns are effective, but why stop there? Cause real chaos by throwing nearly everything in your path. With over 160 unique throwable objects, you’ll find no shortage of things to pull and throw with your telekinetic powers to rampage through levels and destroy everything.
  • Race in a Handcrafted City – Run, jump, and slide across 40 levels and 4 different biomes with vibrant comic-inspired handmade environments. From the rooftop to tunnels, discover plenty of new routes, challenges, and a few hidden secrets.
  • Unique Twitch Experience – A fully integrated Twitch system takes streaming and global challenges to another level. See the online leaderboard change, then react to those new challenges. Spawn items and enemies directly into a stream you’re watching. Throw your ghost in to race against someone and prove your time was better. Customize the placement of the UI and play with an accessibility mode to fully tailor your experience.
  • Crank It Up Past 11 – This isn’t a casual stroll. Experience lightning-fast, heart-pumping action as you race through new environments with increasingly difficult enemies and challenges. Conquer the many different types of enemies while still trying to get the fastest time. Think quick, use anything you can, and keep moving.
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