CES 2024: Nvidia announces G-Sync Pulsar

Nvidia G-Sync Pulsar Announcement Thumbnail

Back in 2013, Nvidia introduced G-Sync, which was meant as a major improvement over V-Sync to prevent screen tearing while also minimizing input latency.

Over the years things have changed, including competitor AMD introducing their own more open and cheaper alternative that works in similar fashion with FreeSync.

Last year, Nvidia revealed an improvement to their technology with ULMB 2, which was meant to improve motion clarity at higher refresh rates. Now, they’ve announced yet another new technology called G-Sync Pulsar.

Just like ULMB 2, the idea is to improve motion clarity to provide gamers fluidity as if they were gaming at 1000Hz. The concept, as they explain in their announcement, marries the idea of backlight strobing and VRR timings to enhance visual quality during fast paced movement.

This means that users can use both technologies in tandem rather than having to pick one or the other and compromise between motion clarity and screen tearing.

Here’s a quick example of the technology in action:

ASUS ROG Swift PG27 Series of monitors are set to be the first G-Sync monitors to support this G-Sync Pulsar, which is expected to launch later this year.

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